The CES Experience: Movie Edition

Caavo Control Center and remote surrounded by confetti, a movie reel, and a movie ticket

Last week at CES we asked you to tell us what movie best represents CES. Your film selections ran the gamut, from sci-fi thrillers and action flicks to comedies and family favorites. Whether you find CES fantastically futuristic and thrilling ... or a tad overwhelming and extra ... it's clear this giant high-tech event is a one-of-a-kind experience.

We selected 8 films nominated by you, our adoring fans, and rewarded our winners with a new Control Center with Lifetime Service. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to all our winners! 

Check out the winning films below and download the Caavo TV & Movie Guides mobile app to add them to your own What to Watch list today!

Stand By Me

A classic story of friendship and while it's our 1st CES, we're hoping to come back over the years and create the bonds Ronnie mentions:


Just like CES, the movie Big is fun, fantasy with a touch of comedy, and adults get to test out really cool toys. 

Real Genius

Tons 'o geniuses at this show, and well, who doesn't want to rule the world.

Star Trek

It just so happens that Gene Roddenberry's son stopped by our booth!

 Black Panther

Black Panther and CES = pretty powerful, great flair, and exciting rival challenges. 



Just like the terminator, CES is tough, unstoppable, legendary, and big on artificial intelligence.


Iron Man

Powerful, high-tech "armor" everywhere and super entertaining!


Leaving Las Vegas

While we're happy to report our Sin City activities weren't as destructive as Leaving Las Vegas (no Hangovers here!), the end of this *crazy* trip has left us just as exhausted.


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