Most Memorable On-Screen Cats for Cat Day!

Most Memorable On-Screen Cats for Cat Day!

We aren’t too ashamed to admit that we watch YouTube video after video of kittens playing, or of cats simply being cats. Whether you prefer man’s slobbery best friend or a fierce feline, almost everyone can appreciate cats for being themselves and not letting the shade they (often) get change them. From the sassy, or downright grouchy, to the playful and cuddly, cats have diverse personalities just like humans, making them uber-relatable. 

With International Cat Day afoot and the new movie trailer out for Hollywood’s version of Cats the musical (equally terrifying and mesmerizing), we figured why not round up the best cats that have strutted their stuff across the big screen? So plop down on the couch with your Caavo remote, and check out the coolest cats in cinema - maybe you’ll even get your own cat to join you?

The Aristocats

Who wouldn’t love to be the spoiled cats of French millionairess Madame Bonfamille? Cats often act like they’re the king or queen of the household, a mentality passed down from ancient Egyptian cats no doubt, but it may do Aristocats some good to step outside their baroque world. After inheriting the Madame’s fortune, the bourgeois Duchess and her three kittens are catnapped by the jealous butler and released in the faraway countryside. Only with the help of a rough alley-cat, and a change in attitude, can they hope to ever return home!

Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Salem isn’t technically a big screen cat, but he won many of us over in the late 90s with his witty banter and sarcastic persona- dare we say he is the perfect portrayal of cattitude? With his name being an ode to the Salem witch trials, he is actually a witch that was sentenced to spend a century as a cat, but we don’t think he minds too much as he thoroughly seems to enjoy advising and mocking Sabrina and her two aunts. Iconic quote from our shady little friend: “Dogs guard. Cats watch… and judge.”

Goose from Captain Marvel

You probably didn’t expect a cat to steal the show from the new Avenger superhero, Captain Marvel, but Goose also isn’t really a cat. With the appearance of Earth’s tabby cats and coy intelligence to boot, Goose is actually a flerken. Unassumingly dangerous, flerken are an alien species who can shoot large teeth-lined tentacles from their mouths whenever they feel threatened, which really came in handy when Captain Marvel and Nick Fury were trying to escape Kree soldiers. 

Cats in Harry Potter

From beloved Professor Minerva McGonagall (an animagus who could turn into a cat) to Argus Finch’s nosy cat Mrs. Norris, the Harry Potter series was full of felines causing trouble but also keeping the peace. Brainy Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks, can even be credited with discovering that (#spoileralert) Ron Weasely’s disgusting pet rat Scabbers, was not actually a rat at all, but merely a weak and troubled Peter Pettigrew who was hiding in disguise from the evil Lord Voldemort. 


Gotham’s favorite antihero Catwoman isn’t actually half cat half woman or an animagus like in Harry Potter. But she does closely mimic the smooth and quick athleticism of cats, which is just as cool! Often donning a figure-hugging leather one piece catsuit, she robs Gotham’s rich of their jewels and therefore often comes to blows (and flirts) with the Dark Knight, Batman. In recent Batman films she’s been played by Anne Hathaway, but older DC fans have seen Halle Berry, Michelle Pfeiffer, and even Julie Newmar try their hand, er claw, at the role.

Binx in Hocus Pocus

We end the list with the helpful black cat Binx from the children’s Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. Yet again, Binx wasn’t truly a cat at all. Cursed by the three wicked witches in the 17th century to live an immortal life as a cat, Binx was once a boy named Thackery who was just trying to save his little sister from harm. He’s finally set free centuries later to live a peaceful afterlife, when the evil witches are finally defeated. Anyone else seeing a pattern with tortured souls or spellbound humans being forced to live life as a cat? Really makes one think… 

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