Free Printable Oscars Bingo 2019

An Academy Award themed Bingo sheet

For those of us who love entertainment, the Academy Awards is THE main event of the season. The pre-show controversy, the red carpet glamour, the speeches, the surprises and rooting for our favorite films, actors, directors and composers (we’re rooting for you, Terence Blanchard!). We just can’t get enough.

Suiting up for four hours on the couch is no joke, and keeping our heads in the game until best picture takes serious stamina. This year we’re sharing our secret weapon: Oscars Bingo.

Our free printable Oscars Bingo cards will keep you and your watch party guests at the edge of the couch throughout the ceremony...or at least give you a chance to win back some street cred after missing out on The Shape of Water last year.

Printing Oscars Bingo Cards

We’ve made four different Oscar bingo cards for the 2019 Academy Awards. Download and print the pages you need for your party attendees (the file has 4 different pages). We stuck to the black and white theme, so no color printer needed. If you want to get fancy, you could print on card stock or colored paper.

How to Play Oscars Bingo

Regular bingo rules apply. Middle square is your free space, then pay close attention and cross off the appropriate squares as it happens. First person to get five Xs in a row up, down, across or diagonal wins. If you feel you’re going to need more than one round, BYO tokens, shuffle and reuse the deck throughout the show!

Share your Bingo Card for a Chance to Win

Speaking of winning, show us your Oscar bingo card for a chance to win! Follow Caavo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and share a photo of your completed Caavo Awards Watch Party Bingo card with hashtag #watchwithcaavo. The first 10 people to share will receive a $10 AMC gift card, and we’ll select one entry at random to receive a Caavo Home Theater Kit!

Oscar bingo card photos must be posted by 2pm PST on Monday, Feb. 25, 2019 to qualify.

Enjoy the show!


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