Spotlight: The HDMI Cable That Shows You The Way

Spotlight: The HDMI Cable That Shows You The Way

While your home entertainment center may look pretty from the front, the cable organization behind the TV looks like The Well of Souls from Raiders of the Lost Ark. There are HDMI cables and power cords running all over and you have no clue what cables go where. Adding one more device seems like something only Indiana Jones can do.

We feel your pain. Help is on the way.

Meet the Spotlight HDMI cable by Caavo.

Designed to end cable confusion, Spotlight HDMI cables make your home entertainment experiences feel less like entering a snake pit and more like a casual walk in a zen garden.

Featuring patent-pending light-up technology, Spotlight HDMI high-speed cables combine premium performance, superior durability and LED lights to show you the right connection instantly.

Here’s how Spotlight HDMI cables can help you get control of your living room:

  • Eliminate Cable Confusion: No more wasted time trying to figure out what’s plugged in where. No more pulling cables searching for loose or poor connections. Caavo’s patented light-up technology makes it easy to track cables and devices - just push the light on one end and the cable head connected to the device will light up.  
  • Simplify Your TV Set-up: The Spotlight HDMI cable illuminates to indicate when its plugged in. You’ll never be left jiggling and pushing in cables wondering whether it is fully connected.
  • High Quality: Durable Spotlight high-speed HDMI cables are constructed with an aluminum alloy machined outer mold, pure copper conductors with 24K gold-plated connectors, oxygen-free copper wiring and triple shielding to prevent interference and signal degradation. The cable is super-flexible and tangle-free, covered in soft nylon-braid fabric for a warm, attractive appearance.

Watch Spotlight HDMI cables in action:



Available now on, the Spotlight HDMI cable comes in two colors and sizes: Black and Barolo & White, and in 3’ and 6’ lengths. For a limited time, save more when you buy more*:

    • 3 ft single HDMI cable for $15 and 6 ft single HDMI cable for $20
    • 3 ft double pack for $28 and 6 ft double pack for $33
    • 3 ft four-pack for $50 and 6 ft four-pack for $55


**BUY MORE, SAVE MORE pricing good until July 10, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PT. May not be combined with other offers.

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