Our Story

While Caavo formed in 2015, our story, and the technology that enables our platform, began more than a decade ago. It all started with our late co-founder, Blake Krikorian. Blake co-founded Sling Media, and was a true visionary who left an indelible mark on the content landscape. It was his early vision into the future of TV that initially ignited this Caavo journey.

Our CEO and co-founder Andrew Einaudi first met Blake at an industry conference where Blake was unveiling Slingbox. Less than a year later, Andrew joined Slingbox to lead product. Slingbox sold, but the two continued to collaborate and started a home automation company that was quickly acquired by Microsoft in 2013.

They decided solving the TV problem would be their next mission.The vision was fueled in part by a serendipitous encounter between Blake and Caavo co-founder Ashish Aggarwal. Ashish’s company Violet 3D, was the world’s first completely wireless 3D surround-sound system. In seeing Violet 3D, Blake wondered whether the technology for managing sound across multiple devices could be applied to TV as well. So, Ashish and his long-time partner and co-founder of shufflr.tv, Vinod Gopinath came on board as well to help deliver Caavo.

Our Team

Andrew Einaudi

Andrew Einaudi

Co-Founder, CEO

Andrew Einaudi is a seasoned product leader and innovator who is passionate about creating thoughtfully designed, user-centric consumer products. His extensive technology experience spans more than 20 years, and includes developing and launching technology products such as Microsoft’s Xbox One, Slingbox, and Jawbone.

Prior to Caavo, Andrew worked in several product and program management roles, most recently working with the Xbox team at Microsoft to launch the Xbox One. At Echostar, which operates Dish Network, he oversaw development of new television services for the company. He was director of product and program management at Sling Media, where he was responsible for Slingbox global programs, including the Sling player. At consumer product and wearable technology company Jawbone, Andrew managed product development of the company’s first mobile headset. Andrew began his career as a consultant, leading technology integration projects for high-tech startups in the automotive, mobile and entertainment spaces.

Ashish Aggarwal

Ashish Aggarwal

Co-Founder, Technology

Ashish Aggarwal has a keen ability to apply complex technology in order to create consumer products that challenge the status quo. A driven engineer, entrepreneur, and leader, Ashish currently holds more than 50 patents, granted and pending, for audio and video inventions.

Prior to Caavo, Ashish founded Violet 3D, the world’s first completely wireless 3D surround sound system. He also was part of Harman International’s Advanced Technology group, where he oversaw an engineering team developing audio and video technologies and products. He began his career as an audio architect at PortalPlayer working on the first generation iPod.

Ashish has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Santa Barbara.

Vinod Gopinath

Vinod Gopinath

Co-Founder, Engineering

Vinod Gopinath’s career spans entrepreneurship, product management, and application engineering. This experience gives him a unique perspective on today’s technology landscape where consumer hardware, firmware and cloud interact to deliver a seamless user experience. In particular, he is passionate about how this applies to consumer audio and video.

Prior to Caavo, Vinod was the COO of Snap Networks, a venture-funded audio startup building intelligent wireless 3D audio for televisions, tablets and game consoles. Previously he was founding CEO of Althea Systems, an Intel capital funded start-up with a cloud-based video discovery platform anchored on personalisation & social curation (http://shufflr.tv). He also helped set up operations for two Silicon Valley-based semiconductor startups in Bangalore including TrueSpan a mobile digital TV chipset provider, which was acquired by SiRF.

Vinod, started his career as an embedded systems engineer for IBM after he graduated with a Computer Engineering degree in 1995.

Blake Krikorian

Blake Krikorian

Co-Founder, Former Chairman of the Board, Dude in Perpetuity

Considered one of tech’s savviest executives with regard to video and media distribution, Blake Krikorian was a much-beloved Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor. Blake is perhaps best known for co-founding Sling Media, where he served as CEO until the company was acquired by Echostar in 2007.

Following Sling, Blake became an active angel investor, served on the board of Amazon and co-founded home automation startup id8 Group R2 Studios, which was acquired by Microsoft, where he then served as head of the interactive entertainment business.

Blake started his career at General Magic, which created the Magic Cap operating system for mobile intelligent communicators and Telescript, an agent-based network programming language for the emerging electronic marketplace (pre-Internet). In 1994, he co-founded the Philips Mobile Computing Group, which was funded by Philips Electronics. As group product manager, he built and co-led the team that defined, created, delivered, and marketed the award-winning Velo 1 Windows CE Handheld PC and its associated product line. Blake then left Philips Mobile Computing Group to serve as senior vice president at Metis Associates, an information technology consulting firm and incubator of core technology companies. He led the creation of Metis’ first incubated company, Mainbrace Corporation, which developed and licensed software technologies and manufacturable device platforms to system OEMs, service providers, and semiconductor vendors.

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