Control Center Service Plan

Why do I need a Service Plan?

The Control Center Service Plan is required to provide functionality to your Control Center and enable features such as universal search, voice control, content deep linking, voice assistant control and all the “Watch” features including: For Your Consideration, Crowd Surfing, Caavo Cache and access to content guides and My Lists.

How much does the Service Plan cost?

When you sign up, you have the option to purchase an annual plan for $19.99/year or a monthly plan for $1.99/month. With both options, your first 45 days are free. 

Will my Control Center work without a Service Plan?

Yes, but you are missing out! Without the required Service Plan, Control Center operates as a universal remote control, but without voice, guides, universal search or deep linking. You can still switch seamlessly between your devices and launch your linked apps and services from the Control Center menu.