The more devices you have connected to your TV,
the more Control Center delivers.

Control Center simplifies watching TV for anyone who uses a streaming media player.


Apple TV

Nvidia Shield

Amazon Fire TV

Streaming Media Players

No More Multiple Remotes

Once you connect Control Center, you can use the all-in-one voice-activated TV remote to control everything that’s connected to your TV, just ask.

True Universal Search

Say the name of any actor, movie, TV show, or video and Control Center will display relevant results across all your subsriptions and services, even YouTube.


Everyone in the family can use the TV—just use the voice command on the universal remote control to say what you want to watch and Control Center will take you straight to the show. It’s that simple.

Create Your Own Lists

Bookmark content from live TV, YouTube, and streaming on custom lists you create. Store your lists locally or share with the larger Caavo community.

Supported Apps

Control Center links directly to shows and movies within the following apps:

Amazon Prime Video, CBS, HBO GO & HBO NOW, Hulu, iTunes, NBC, Netflix, Plex, Showtime & Showtime Anytime, Starz, TBS, TNT, Vudu, YouTube.

Control Center automatically opens & controls the following apps:

Amazon Prime Video, CBS, DirecTV Now, HBO GO & HBO NOW, Hulu, iTunes, NBC, Netflix, Playstation Vue, Plex, Showtime & Showtime Anytime, SlingTV, Starz, TBS, TNT, Vudu, YouTube.

Add Cable or Satellite with DVR

Universal Search

Control Center searches for content across your cable or satellite and streaming results simultaneously — including your DVR listings and program guides — which makes any search infinitely more efficient and more powerful. 

Channel Commands

Voice tune channels by name or call sign, or use the Control Center remote.

Our preferred partners for Cable and Satellite TV with DVR are Xfinity, DISH, DirecTV, and Spectrum. Preferred non-DVR partners include Xfinity, DISH, DirecTV, Spectrum, Tivo, Verizon Fios and AT&T U-Verse. We are currently working to upgrade our Tivo support to provide the ability to search and play DVR listings.

Add Google Voice or Amazon Alexa

Just Ask: Control Center pairs with Google Voice and Amazon Alexa smart speakers so you can control everything you’ve connected to Control Center hands-free. Say “Okay, Google, Open Netflix” or “Alexa, Play Game of Thrones” and Control Center will take you straight there. Use your smart speaker for all standard remote control functions, plus features like Universal Search and seamless switching between connected devices.

Add a Soundbar, Audio Video Receiver (AVR)  

Sound Systems Made Simple: Control Center has room to connect up to 4 devices plus a Sound System. Once you add your sound system to Control Center, you can use the Control Center remote for everything, without the risk of disturbing complex settings on surround sound systems.

Control Center works with all the top brands of soundbars and AVRs: including Bose, Denon, Emotiva, Harmon Kardon, Heos, Insignia, Integra, LG, Marantz, Onkyo, Philips, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Samsung, Sonos, Sony, Vizio and more.

Add a DVD/Blu-Ray Player or Ultra HD Player


Yes, you’ll still have to get up from the couch to put the disc into your player, but you can use Control Center as your universal remote and seamlessly switch to watch a DVD. Pair with Amazon Alexa or Google Voice for hands-free control.

Add a Google Chromecast


When you start a Chromecast session, Control Center automatically switches sources and displays what you’re watching on your TV screen.

Add a Game Console

Streamlined Play: Automatically switch sources to your gaming console using the Control Center universal remote, Amazon Alexa or Google Voice. You’ll need your game controller to play, and in some cases, power your console on/off.  

Control Center offers seamless source switching with the following game consoles: PS4™, PS3™, CEC Nintendo Wii, Wii-U, Switch and Xbox One™ and Xbox 360.

Add a Projector

Seamless Switching: Control Center will allow you to seamlessly switch to the projector and in some cases adjust volume, but you will need your projector’s remote for the rest.

Add a Smart TV

Power & Volume: Control Center pairs with all Smart TVs for basic control, power & volume. More Universal Control features (Smart TV menus & navigation) are coming soon.

Add an OTA Antenna

Coming Soon. Contact us for updates.

More to Add?

Keep the Feedback Coming: Let us know if you have a pairing we haven’t solved for yet and we’ll let you know if it’s a feature we can add to the roadmap!