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"Caavo can help simplify your 'many remote' problem in a way that no other universal remote can."

Simply watch TV

Caavo unifies all your devices, apps and content into a single experience. With a central hub, simple voice remote, and clean interface, Caavo makes it easy for everyone in your home to find and watch all their favorite content.

How Caavo Works

Plug everything — cable or satellite, streaming boxes or sticks, gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players — into Caavo’s eight HDMI inputs and connect to your AVR and TV. From there, Caavo does the rest. It automatically knows which device to use, searches all your apps, finds what you want, and plays it.

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All your TV

Caavo works with all your TV devices and apps - streaming, cable/satellite, gaming and audio. It automatically switches between them and searches across everything.

and more...

Features you'll love


Say what you want to watch.

To launch a device, app, or live TV channel, just say "watch," and Caavo will take you right there. For any shows that you’ve already been watching, Caavo will automatically pick up right where you left off.


Find all your favorites.

Use Caavo’s smart universal search to find movies, shows, sports, teams or actors across all your devices, including live TV and DVR. Plus, with Caavo’s watchlists feature, you can see everything you’ve recently watched, organized on one screen and sorted by service.

Works with Alexa.

Just ask Alexa to tell Caavo to turn on your TV, change channels, or find your favorite shows. Caavo does all the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the show.


Flexible setup.

Simply plug in your entertainment devices, and Caavo automatically detects and configures them. With eight HDMI ports, you can easily add or remove devices anytime.

AVR Friendly.

Plug Caavo into your AVR and get high definition surround sound, HDMI port switching and power management - all with one beautiful remote.

Remote control

Unified control.

Use Caavo’s voice remote, or Alexa, to control everything – cable and satellite TV, streaming devices, apps, gaming, and more. (Your other remotes still work too.)


Is Caavo right for me?

Caavo works great with many different TV setups including 4k UHD (but not HDR). What is HDR? For some devices Caavo is your Entertainment Assistant, launching content and apps and tuning to channels with your voice commands, automatically picking up where you left off watching, and gathering all your recently viewed content into watchlists. For almost anything else you connect to your TV, Caavo is a Remote Control, offering functionality similar to a universal remote.

For the best experience, you’ll want two or more devices from the Caavo Entertainment Assistant list.

Caavo Entertainment Assistant
  • DISH, DirecTV, XFINITY (newest models)
  • FireTV (all models)
  • Roku (all models)
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • Apple TV with Siri Voice remote
Caavo Remote Control
  • Set-top boxes
  • DVD/Blu-ray players
  • Streaming boxes (including Apple TV 3 and older)
  • Game consoles

Still have questions? Use this tool to see how well Caavo will work with your setup.

Made by people who love TV

The team behind Caavo are seasoned professionals who have spent their careers building consumer products like Slingbox, Harman, Jawbone, and more.

We’re engineers, inventors and problem-solvers who love pushing the boundaries of technological possibility, always with an obsessive focus on delivering refined customer experiences.

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