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Caavo Review
Caavo is a unique, ambitious product that does more to tackle the daunting complexity of modern home theater gear than any device I've tested. It effectively takes over your system, smooths over the rough edges and makes it all much easier to use. 
Caavo Review
I have been excited to get a Caavo to review since I first saw it demoed last year — it’s a next-generation universal remote system that uses machine vision to operate all your TV devices in a simple, seamless way.
Review: Caavo
Like the ultimate universal remote, Caavo stitches together your TV devices and services. Personally, I’m already dreading the day I’ll have enjoy watching TV without it.
Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Include Cool New Tech Toys
In one of my happiest CES moments, I encountered a gizmo that answered my deepest and most fervent techno-geek prayers: Caavo, a companion device to your TV that takes the guesswork out of finding your favorite programming (and eliminates the need for multiple remote controls).